Pool Maintenance

Regular Pool Cleaning
Regular cleaning is important for all pools. Routine vacuuming, scrubbing tile, cleaning skimmers and much more keeps your pool clean and safe. Dye Pool Company offers a full service plan that covers everything your swimming pool needs to keep it looking and running perfectly all season long!
Proper Pool Chemicals
Chemical treatments disinfect and sanitize pool water. When the chemical balance is off in a pool parts of the pool and filtering system can become damaged, the water can become cloudy, and skin and eye irritation can occur. Our Certified Pool Technicians will keep your pool properly balanced.
Pool Cleaning Services
Dye Pool Company technicians will skim the pool surface, empty skimmer baskets, vacuum the floor and walls, check over your pool equipment, and thoroughly brush the pool. All you’ll have to do, is swim! Cleaning service is available in weekly, bi-weekly, and “once a month” programs.
Algae Removal
Sunlight, rain, pollen and heat, lots and lots of heat: our tough Southern California weather means algae blooms are a real threat for pool owners. Trust Dye Pool Company's trained technicians to keep your algae under control!

Dye Pool Company Maintenance

Our pool maintenance program is the most carefree and economical pool services available. With Dye Pool Company, you never have to purchase chlorine, acid, and algaecides.

Storage and handling of dangerous, messy pool chemicals is a thing of the past! No more budget-busting trips to the pool store! We provide all the chemicals and expertise required to keep your pool clear, blue and algae-free!

We offer several levels of service, depending on your needs!

Not sure what service you need? All pools are different, schedule an appointment with us to evaluate your swimming pool and make recommendations on what might work best for YOU!

We make your pool shine!

We’re Not Your Typical Pool Business

In short, we master a very special mix of art and science for keeping your pool safe, clean and perfect both as an iconic part of your private landscape, and as a place for relaxation and enjoyment.

A commitment to Customer Service

At Dye Pool Company we care about customer service, and it shows. It’s our mission to keep your pool looking good at all times but there’s more to our service than just that beautiful blue water. We will always be on time and deliver great communication in every interaction with you. Reach out to us for our pool cleaning services, but stay for the amazing customer experience!